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Sectioned Crawl Space Encapsulated in Beaver Bay, Minnesota

This home sat on top of a crawl space that had been sectioned off by concrete blocks. When we encapsulated this crawl space we knew that the areas with an interior foundation wall would not require additional insulation so we were able to seal our CleanSpace matting directly to the interior foundation wall. The matting we used gives the crawl space a very clean look while creating an environment that is no longer musty. 

Basement Insulation in Duluth MN

This customer was losing heat through their basement walls, in addition, they were unknowingly allowing cold air to enter their home. With these bare basement walls and uninsulated rim joists, this basement was a leading cause of inefficiency in the home. These issues were fixed by spraying a layer of spray foam around the perimeter of the basement including the tight and hard to reach spaces like the rim joists. The basement now adds energy efficiency to the home and provides a nice clean look that the walls had previously been lacking. If this homeowner were to finish this basement we let them know that we also offer complete basement finishing services. 

Duluth, MN attic air sealed and insulated.

This Duluth, MN homeowner had noticed his heating bills rising over time. This winter he decided to give DBS a call and find out where he was losing all his heat. Design Specialist, Steve Stern, visited this homeowner and provided him with a thorough inspection of his home. Upon inspection, Steve found a few areas where the home was losing heat. One of the main areas that needed to be addressed was the attic insulation, as it was old and lacking the proper depth to achieve the desired R-value. Steve proposed that DBS air-seal problem areas and fill the attic with some blown in insulation that met the proper R-value standards. 

Crawl Space Encapsulated and Insulated in Mountain Iron, Minnesota

This dirt crawl space was causing the home to lose energy at an alarming rate, creating cold floors and an uncomfortable environment. When this area became humid it also led to musty smells in the home. The homeowner did not want his visitors to be met with these odors as they came in the door, so he took action to make a change. In order to solve these problems, our specialists assessed the situation and prescribed a solution to permanently fix the issues experienced. The solution in this situation was to use our Clean Space matting to encapsulate the crawl space. This was paired with our silver glow foam board insulation and spray foam insulation to properly air seal the crawl space and create a comfortably insulated home. 

Blow-In Insulation Used to Make Home Comfortable in Longville, MN

This homeowner was severely lacking proper insulation in their attic. In order to remedy the problem in this situation or specialist worked with the homeowner to decide on the proper amount of blow in cellulose insulation that would keep the home comfortable while remaining within budget. This homeowner went with over 24" of insulation in their attic. This will keep heat in the home and prevent unconditioned air in the attic from reaching the home.  

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