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Dr. Energy Saver® Commercial Insulation in Carlton, MN

These business owners in Carlton, MN reached out to DBS for help insulating their warehouse and office buildings. 

A Dr. Energy Saver® Design Specialist went to the property and provided a free, no-obligation estimate for the work. An energy audit was conducted and heat loss was measured in every area of the business. To dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs closed cell spray foam was recommended. Closed cell spray foam is very effective for temperature control and will seal off areas like rim joists and windows. This results in lower heating and cooling costs along with reduced allergens entering the building. A DBS Foreman and their production crew worked hard to install the insulation. 

This building is now healthy, safe, and comfortable! 


Carlton, MN Homeowners Say Goodbye to Cold Floors

Homeowners in Carlton, MN had lived in their home since the 1970's. Wanting to improve their energy efficiency and get rid of draft rooms and cold floors, they contacted DBS.

A Dr. Energy Saver® Design Specialist went to the home and provided a free, no-obligation estimate for the work. After inspecting the property and conducting an energy audit, it was determined that proper air sealing and rigid foam insulation were necessary to effectively seal the space.

Our production crew first sealed the gaps in building material and spaces surrounding the attic ducts with ZypFoam™. They then laid down TerraBlock™, our foam insulation that is infused with graphite for a higher R-value. Our crews then applied spray foam areas prone to air leaking to completely seal off the home.

Sealing the attic was key to prevent warm air from escaping the home, and improving the overall energy health of the space. 

Superior, WI Crawl Space Insulation

We found this crawl space in Superior, Wisconsin in complete disarray and have transformed it into a clean, dry and comfortable space. Our CleanSpace® Crawl Space Encapsulation System® seals up leaks, prevents pests from entering, and helps reduce energy problems originating in the crawl space.

Crawl Space Spray Foam Service in Superior, WI

A home in Superior, WI was experiencing poor insulation, with the root of the issue coming from the crawl space. Cold, drafty air would find its way throughout the home by leaking through the crawl space area. Eager for a solution, the homeowner reached out to DBS for assistance. A crew was able to go out and provide the spray foam insulation service, which properly insulates the entire crawl space and prevents further issues. With the help of DBS, the home now saves energy and has become a warmer, more desirable environment. 

Wet and Musty Crawl Space in Superior, WI is Sealed and Safe

This unsealed crawlspace in Superior, WI was causing mold and rotting issues for the homeowner. After meeting us at the Duluth Home Show, they decided to take the step to find a permanent solution to the problem. 

A DBS Design Specialist provided a free, no-obligation estimate for the encapsulation work. It was determined that multiple types of insulation would be used, as well as CleanSpace® vapor barrier to completely seal the space from moisture.

DBS Foreman Kevin Steffey and his production team installed TerraBlock™, Rim Joist, and Spray Foam insulations, as well as a SmartSump™ sump pump to keep the space free from water. Finally, a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier will regulate the space's moisture levels. 

This crawl space is now completely sealed, regulating temperature, and moisture levels for the entire home. 

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