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Before and After Pictures from Duluth
Crawl space encapsulation in Duluth, MN

Crawl space encapsulation in Duluth, MN

Before After
Crawl space encapsulation in Duluth, MN Crawl space encapsulation in Duluth, MN

We had a customer call in about a home he had just purchased with no insulation in the crawl space. We had set the appointment for him, promising him a free written estimate provided by one of our specialist. We finished with a happy customer. He now has a clean crawl space, his home is comfortable, free from cold drafts, little critters, and the smell of mold.

Rim Joist SilverGlo™ Insulation in Duluth, MN

Rim Joist SilverGlo™ Insulation in Duluth, MN

Before After
Rim Joist SilverGlo™ Insulation in Duluth, MN Rim Joist SilverGlo™ Insulation in Duluth, MN

A homeowner in Duluth, MN reached out to DBS regarding home insulation. During the winter months, the home remained cold and drafty due to poor insulation. In need of a solution, the homeowner had a Design Specialist visit, and it was concluded that the rim joist area of the home would need to have SilverGlo™ installed for proper home insulation. This product is ideal for keeping your home warm and energy efficient during the harsh winter season. The product can be seen installed in this gallery!

Rim Joist Spray Foam Installation in Duluth, MN

Rim Joist Spray Foam Installation in Duluth, MN

Before After
Rim Joist Spray Foam Installation in Duluth, MN Rim Joist Spray Foam Installation in Duluth, MN

A homeowner in Duluth, MN reached out to DBS regarding the insulation services we provide and was wanting a Design Specialist to come out and inspect their basement. The specialist recommended that the rim joists in the basement had spray foam installed, and our crew did just that. The spray foam will help ensure a more comfortable and energy-saving home environment.

Company Awards
DBS Receives 2018 EnerBank Rising Star Award for Financing
DBS was just recently awarded by Contractor Nation for our customer financing in 2018. This is a great honor for... [Read more]
2015 ADL Fitness Club Championship
The ADL (Average Dollar per Lead) fitness club is a club where sales people from all over the United States,... [Read more]
Labovitz Emerging Entrepreneur Award
The Labovitz School of Business and Economics at the University of Minnesota Duluth hosts the Annual Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success... [Read more]
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Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS serving Duluth, MN

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Reviews From Duluth
Testimonials From Duluth
"Your installers did a great job!"
Testimonial by Michelle S. from Duluth, MN
...there is a big noticeable difference.
Testimonial by Mary O. from Duluth, MN

Don’t deal with an uncomfortable home any longer. Our experts can help you improve your home’s comfort while lowering your energy bills at the same time.

Insulating Your Duluth Home

The right insulation in the right areas of your home can make all the difference. We are here to help you properly insulate your home with quality work that will last the years you live in your home.

Types of Insulation
  • Blown-in Cellulose
  • Blown-in Fiberglass
  • Rigid Foam
  • Radiant Barrier Installation 
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Air Duct Sealing        
Areas of Home
  • Attic Insulation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Garage Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Air Duct Insulation

Comprehensive Home Energy Audit

When beginning an insulation project it is best to start with a home energy audit so you can identify what insulation needs to go in which areas of your Duluthhome to give the greatest improvement.

Evaluations Include:
  • Air Leak Inspection 
  • Thermal Scanning
  • Detailed Explanation    

  • Blower Door (Infiltrometer) Test
  • Insulation Level Check
  • Appliance & Lighting Checks
Case Studies From Duluth
After this home owner had completed a home energy audit they were alerted to the fact that they were losing significant energy through their attic...
Press Releases From Duluth
This year, Dr. Energy Saver Duluth received an award at the Team Basement Systems International Conv...
This year, Dr. Energy Saver Duluth received an award at the Team Basement Systems International Convention as the 5th among the Top 10 Dr. Energy Saver Dealers in 2012 – 2013.... [Read more]
Dr. Energy Saver Solutions has recently joined the Dr. Energy Saver network serving the Greater Dulu...
Dr. Energy Saver Solutions has recently joined the Dr. Energy Saver network serving the Greater Duluth area.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Duluth, MN
Ice Dam Prevention in Duluth, MN

A homeowner in Duluth, MN was experiencing an alarming issue with the roof of their home. Ice dams can be a huge problem for homes during the cold winter months. These are simply ice formations that build up along the bottom portion of a roof (near the gutters) and block the flow of water running down from the upper portion of the roof. This can cause excess water to build up and leak into the home. Fortunately, this homeowner was able to reach out to DBS regarding a solution. It was concluded that the old attic insulation would need to be removed, as it was in poor shape. Our crew would then install new spray foam insulation and air seal the attic ducts as well as the old chimney. This works to help keep cold air from moving in to the house, as well as blocks the rising heat from hitting the roof. When the heat can not reach the roof, it keeps the ice frozen at a reasonable temperature, assuring that no excess water can form at the top. 

Not only did this service protect the home from further ice dam issues, but it is also an energy saving fix to a cold house. 

Insulating and Stopping Mold in Duluth, Minnesota Basement

This Duluth homeowner had troubles with mold developing in their basement due to a moist basement atmosphere. Coupled with this issue, the customer was also experiencing heat loss through the rim joist of their home. Our specialist Henrik helped educate the homeowner on the value of insulating the rim joist and maintaining a dry basement. With the information and Henrik's professional assessment of the basement, the homeowner agreed that it would be helpful to insulate the rim joists and use a dehumidifier to control the humidity issues in the basement.


The insulation we typically use in this scenario is spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is the most well-suited insulation for the job because it provides a high r-value in this small space and it fills in gaps in the walls to properly air seal the space. Proior to installing the insulation we used a special solution to kill the existing mold in the basement and installed our Sanidry System. The Sanidry is an incredibly powerful and efficient dehumidification system that we install for our customers all the time. It keeps the basement at a safe humidity level year round. With the old mold killed and a humidity level below 60% across the basement this homeowner should not have to worry in the future about the effects of mold. Henrik and the team at DBS have created a space that is now much more comfortable and safe for the homeowner and that is exactly why we do the work that we do!

Insulating and Stopping Mold in Duluth, Minnesota Basement - Photo 1
Keep apartment more consistent in the winter and reduce indoor alergens in Duluth, MN

Arlette D. main concern was that her apartment was very inconsistent in the winter, going from cold to warm.  She saw our booth at the Duluth Home and Garden show and signed up to have an appointment with Ron Sundberg, our design specialist.  After Ron offered the best solution to make her apartment more consistent and comfortable, our foreman Luc Bonk and his crew,went there and airsealed and insulated her attic and walls, using expanding polyurethane foam to air seal and blow in TruSoft insulation. After the attic was insulated well, they installed a David Lewis Attic access hatch cover.   They also replaced 2 windows with 2 Sunrise Double-Hung windows.  Then they airsealed and insulated the crawlspace using polyurethane foam, Cleanspace liner and TerraBlock insulation on the floor. To make sure the basement stays dry and the air that flows up and carries the allergens is reduced, Luc and crew installed a SaniDry Air Dehumidification System in the basement next to the sump and will drain into the sump.

There is no doubt that Arlette is now enjoying a consistently more comfortable home. DBS Residential Solutions was pleased that they could solve Arlette's comfort problems in Duluth, MN, in the winter, once and for all!     

Work Requests From Duluth, MN
Vicinity of in Duluth
Attic is not properly insulated which is creating ice dams and snow removal pains.
Vicinity of Leicester Ave in Duluth
Ice dams. I have insulated my attic several times and I continue to get ice dams. Help. :-)
Vicinity of Washington Rd in Duluth
We would like to set-up a quote for adding blown-in insulation to our attic. We currently have about 6-in for a 1000 sq ft attic space and would like to add additional insulation. Thanks, Christine
Vicinity of Greysolon Road in Duluth
Interested in insulation quote. Maybe soffit vent replacement. Ice dams. House hot in summer upstairs.
Vicinity of Hutchinson Rd in Duluth
Our attic has old vermiculite and paper-backed insulation, but there isn't enough for the recommended R-factor for MN and there isn't much insulation over the eaves, causing ice dams in the winter.
Vicinity of in Duluth
Insulating a stone foundation in 1914 home and duct work.
Vicinity of in Duluth
Ice dam prevention
Vicinity of Oneida St. in Duluth
I need a consult and quote for exterior wall insulation (retro). The house currently has none - it is over 100 years old. Also, I need a quote for attic and front porch insulation. Both are being converted to conditioned space. It would be appreciated if I could get a consult yet this week. I have some drywall work I'd like to do this weekend and would like you to get a look before the walls are closed up. Thanks!
Vicinity of Restormel St in Duluth
I am looking to get an estimate for exterior wall and attic eave insulation. Possible basement sealing as well.
Vicinity of W Ideal Street in Duluth
Looking to raise the R value in my attic
Vicinity of Stockholm Road in Duluth
Ice damming water leak into kitchen ongoing. Wondering where heat loss is occurring. Infrared heat loss inspection might help.
Vicinity of Missouri Ave. in Duluth
Want to insulate the attic and assess air leakage.
Vicinity of in Duluth
High energy bills in a large older home we recently purchased, especially heating bills. We recently purchased this home and want to review options to minimize energy costs with such a large, older house. The house will be used as a rental, so we need reasonable, cost-effective solutions. Thanks, Corey
Vicinity of in Duluth
I purchased an older home in Duluth last month and am concerned with the rate at which I'm burning fuel oil (~$330/month). I will likely swap in a new and more efficient natural gas furnace (gas line already run for hot water) and add central A/C next summer or fall, but would like to see what improvements can be made to my insulation situation first, and what the job might cost.
Vicinity of Carey Rd in Duluth
I would like an energy audit on my home. It has an open geothermal system. I would like to find out if my power usage is normal as my bill seems high. Also I would like to identify my air leaks around the home.
Vicinity of Oakley Street in Duluth
Ice dams, cold basement, air leaks, frost on windows.
Vicinity of Juniata St in Duluth
My attic is poorly insulated all the vent chutes are closed because the insulation wasn't properly installed. So I have minimal attic venting. Summer heat is noticeable.
Vicinity of Tacony Street in Duluth
I would like to receive a quote on insulating a crawl space under my house:
Vicinity of Gothenberg in Duluth
I have a 16x16 atttic bedroom in a log home that I'd like to get sprayed in the next month. I'd like to get a quote and find out what I need to do to prep the room, as far as electrical and removing nails and insulation residue. Thank you.
Vicinity of West Beyer Rd in Duluth
I would like to get an estimate for spray foam for my sunroom.
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