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  • Rigid foam insulation comes in large panels of varying thicknesses. It's the best insulation to use on basement and crawl space walls because it doesn't absorb moisture or attract mold.
  • Tru-Soft™ cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper treated to resist combustion, insects and mold. It's often blown into attics as an insulation upgrade, but it can also be blown into wall and floor cavities.
  • Injection foam is specially formulated for insulating wall cavities, cathedral ceilings and other enclosed spaces. With excellent flow and fill characteristics, it can be used where there's no insulation or where existing insulation isn't performing adequately.
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a two-part, closed-cell spray foam with many uses. It expands when applied, sealing air leaks while also creating an effective thermal barrier. It's often used in attics and basements.

You don't need a degree in thermodynamics to know that heat always spreads out to fill in where it is depleted. In the wintertime, heat moves naturally from inside to outside.

During hot summer months, heat "wants" to go the opposite way, moving inside the house to make spaces uncomfortably hot.

Home insulation in Duluth and throughout Greater Duluth, MN and Superior, WI Area slows the flow of heat to save you and your family some money.

As a full-service insulation contractor, Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS provides expert home insulation services to improve areas such as walls, crawl spaces, basements, and garages in Greater Duluth, MN and Superior, WI Area.

Insulation Services

Attic Insulation

Upgrading attic insulation is usually a top priority for improving comfort & energy efficiency.

Garage Insulation

The floor above a garage often needs extra insulation to make the living space more comfortable.

Crawl Space Insulation

Insulating & sealing the crawl space will improve home comfort and indoor air quality.

Basement Insulation

Improve comfort, energy efficiency & air quality throughout the home with this important insulation upgrade.

Wall Insulation

Upgrade under-performing wall insulation to eliminate cold winter drafts and wasted energy.


Improve the performance of your HVAC system with properly sealed and insulated ducts.

Air Sealing

Sealing leaks in a home’s building envelope can eliminate cold drafts and help insulation work more effectively.

Free Insulation Estimates In Minnesota & Wisconsin

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Recent Testimonials
  • "I can’t say enough nice things. They’re wonderful. These guys were just superb." Read Full Testimonial

    Carole C. of Babbit, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              I can’t say enough nice things. They’re wonderful. These guys were just superb. They did one section under the house in very rustic conditions. They wrapped the whole underneath of the crawlspace and they did a fantastic job. My son wanted to see what they did and he said they did a wonderful job. The work they did inside was above and beyond what I expected. Tony was wonderful- he is coming back up to fix a storm door for me that another guy was doing before he disappeared over hunting season and hasn’t returned. They guys were very helpful in stopping to look at it and offer suggestions. You will be the first people I call if I need anything done.
    Carole C.
    Babbit, MN

Before and After
  • Rim Joist Spray Foam in Bayfield, WI
    Rim Joist Spray Foam in Bayfield, WI

    A homeowner in Bayfield, WI contacted DBS regarding an insulation issue. The basement of their home was unfinished, and the fiberglass insulation was not sufficient enough to keep the area warm and energy-saving. In need of a solution, a design specialist went to inspect the property and give a free,no-obligation estimate for the insulation service. It was decided that the rim joist would need spray foam insulation to better seal off any cold,drafty air from entering the basement area. Spray foam is an optimal solution for better home insulation, and will now help this homeowner save energy and stay warm during the frigid winter months. 

  • Sectioned Crawl Space Encapsulated in Beaver Bay, Minnesota
    Sectioned Crawl Space Encapsulated in Beaver Bay, Minnesota

    This home sat on top of a crawl space that had been sectioned off by concrete blocks. When we encapsulated this crawl space we knew that the areas with an interior foundation wall would not require additional insulation so we were able to seal our CleanSpace matting directly to the interior foundation wall. The matting we used gives the crawl space a very clean look while creating an environment that is no longer musty. 

  • Basement Insulation in Duluth MN
    Basement Insulation in Duluth MN

    This customer was losing heat through their basement walls, in addition, they were unknowingly allowing cold air to enter their home. With these bare basement walls and uninsulated rim joists, this basement was a leading cause of inefficiency in the home. These issues were fixed by spraying a layer of spray foam around the perimeter of the basement including the tight and hard to reach spaces like the rim joists. The basement now adds energy efficiency to the home and provides a nice clean look that the walls had previously been lacking. If this homeowner were to finish this basement we let them know that we also offer complete basement finishing services. 

  • SilverGlo™ Insulation Installed in Duluth, MN
    SilverGlo™ Insulation Installed in Duluth, MN

    A homeowner in Duluth, MN reached out to DBS regarding an upgrade for their home insulation, particularly in a knee wall section. Previously, the area was insulated with standard fiberglass wool insulation, which was causing some issues for the home in regards to saving energy. Fortunately, DBS was able to send out a crew to install SilverGlo™ insulation panels for the knee wall area. These panels act as a radiant barrier for the home, helping to keep it more energy efficient. Photos from the SilverGlo™ installation can be seen here. 

  • Duluth, MN attic air sealed and insulated.
    Duluth, MN attic air sealed and insulated.

    This Duluth, MN homeowner had noticed his heating bills rising over time. This winter he decided to give DBS a call and find out where he was losing all his heat. Design Specialist, Steve Stern, visited this homeowner and provided him with a thorough inspection of his home. Upon inspection, Steve found a few areas where the home was losing heat. One of the main areas that needed to be addressed was the attic insulation, as it was old and lacking the proper depth to achieve the desired R-value. Steve proposed that DBS air-seal problem areas and fill the attic with some blown in insulation that met the proper R-value standards. 

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