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Cornucopia, WI Blown Attic Insulation

We transformed this no-insulation-attic into a fully insulated, energy efficient space. Attic insulation in Cornucopia, WI never looked so good.

Rim Joist SilverGlo™ Insulation in Duluth, MN

A homeowner in Duluth, MN reached out to DBS regarding home insulation. During the winter months, the home remained cold and drafty due to poor insulation. In need of a solution, the homeowner had a Design Specialist visit, and it was concluded that the rim joist area of the home would need to have SilverGlo™ installed for proper home insulation. This product is ideal for keeping your home warm and energy efficient during the harsh winter season. The product can be seen installed in this gallery!

Cellulose Insulation Blown In Duluth MN Home

This home had very little insulation protecting it from the unconditioned attic space. In order to remedy this situation we first sprayed in a layer of spray foam insulation around the whole base of the attic. This gave us a good base of insulation to work from and provided a much tighter air seal for the home. Next, we blew in around 18" of cellulose insulation. The combination of these insulation techniques now gives the homeowner a much more comfortable home with very little heat escaping through the attic in the winter. 

Attic Air Leaks Sealed in Duluth, MN

It is important to seal as many attic air leaks as possible to prevent conditioned air from leaving your home. We used a spray foam to insulate this area and prevent air leaking from the home into the attic. After sealing the air leaks we blew in insulation to properly insulate the attic (not pictured). 

New Insulation in Duluth MN Attic

This attic was severely lacking insulation. We have many different solutions for this problem and in this situation the customer chose to go with our blow-in insulation. This home is now much less affected by the temperature of the attic which can be unbearably hot in the summer and incredibly cold in the winter.

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