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Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS Case Studies: Home Properly Insulated and Air Sealed in Carlton, Minnesota

Friday, December 16th, 2016 by Blake Johnston


This customer had their home insulated previously with blow in insulation, but it was still obvious to the homeowner that the house was losing energy through the attic. One common symptom of this is ice dams forming on the roof. Our specialist did an evaluation on the home and discovered that the attic was underinsulated and not properly air sealed. Both of these problems would need to be corrected in order to provide adequate insulation in the home. 




To properly insulate this home we dug through this insulation to find all the major penetrations air seal them. Then new attic air chutes need to be installed and the new cellulose blown in over the top of the fiberglass. Then we insulated the entire rim joist. This home is now much more air tight than it was previously, which means that conditioned air will not be freely moving out of the home. In the winter the equates to more warm air staying inside the home which makes for a comfortable home where a furnace or heater does not have to be constantly running. 

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