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Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS Case Studies: Top and Bottom Insulation in Longville, MN

Monday, November 28th, 2016 by Blake Johnston


This customer's home had become uncomfortable. They were paying more than what they thought was normal to heat their house in the winter, so they had DBS Residential Solutions diagnose the problem. Through an energy evaluation, it was discovered that the attic and the crawl space were where the main issues lied. The attic was allowing heat to leave the home which was aided by an improperly air sealed crawl space which led to a chimney stack effect taking place in the home. 


The energy evaluation helped to pinpoint the most effective solutions to get this homeowner back into a comfortable and energy efficient home. In the attic the chosen decided upon solution was over 20" of blow in cellulose insulation. This insulation provides an effective barrier to keep the home comfortable by preventing conditioned air from leaving the home and stopping unconditioned air from entering the home through the attic. The crawl space required a slightly different solution. The goal in the crawl space was to prevent dampness and musty odors while better air sealing and insulating the home. By using our CleanSpace matting we encapsulated the crawl space away from the earth below. We then used spray foam along the sides to maintain an insulated environment and better air seal the home

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