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Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS Case Studies: Insulating a Pole Building in Swan River, Minnesota

Monday, August 22nd, 2016 by Blake Johnston


The homeowner in this situation had a pole barn that he used for livestock. It is difficult to keep the animals warm throughout the winter in this large, uninsulated metal building so the customer began researching the best insulation methods for this type of building. With these types of buildings there isn't any sort of attic and no hollow walls to fill with insulation, so the homeowner contacted DBS Residential Solutions to see what options we could offer to help in this situation.


With our spray foam insulation we are able to apply a high r-value insulation directly to the walls. This makes this solution a perfect candidate for a job like this. With spray foam insulation we were able to insulate the entire inside of the building which has now taken the pole barn from a temperature close to the cold outdoor temperature in the winter up to a much more comfortable level. Any heat created inside this building (by burning fuel or by animals) will remain in the building much longer than it previously had.  

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