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Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS Case Studies: Windows and Door Insulation in Makinen, MN.

Friday, October 12th, 2018 by Alexa Hilger-Sawochka


This client called DBS with the problem of their basement was moving inward and leaking. This is an area that Dr. Energy Saver Solutions works exclusively with. Because of the leaking in the basement, the family required new insulation from the water damage. The home was surrounded with water and the environment surrounding the house needed a solution to fix this water problem. There was water moving into the home that needed to be addressed. Dr. Energy Saver and DBS work together to fix the basement from the waterproofing, insulation, and windows/doors aspects. We did it all to help the family have a dry, repaired, and safe basement.


At Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, we work to make home energy solutions for a comfortable, efficient home. Lower energy bills, go hand in hand with our efficiency. In this client's case, we were called with an inquiry for the basement being pushed in, causing leaks and other problems. Dr. Energy Saver Solutions provided a resolution to their basement problems. By sending a design specialist, Royce Bunn, to help the family. Because of leaking, the insulation was redone and fixed with the basement. Many times with wet insulation, comes a problem of mold that we can also fix. Our company evaluates the environment near the house, the area specifically surrounding the house, and the area that needs attention within the house. We solved the problem, make it brand new, and work to make the home more energy efficient. The client also chose to get new windows and doors, along with insulation through Dr. Energy Saver Solutions which will also help with energy efficiency within the household. The home required a few of our services to completely repair the water damage in the basement. DBS works to waterproof the basement and prevent this problem happening again in the future, then we work to fix the damage that was already done. We work to re insulate the home and replace the windows and doors to maintain the waterproof, highly efficient standpoint in the home. There are many steps to fixing water and basement damage, and DBS will work with you on all of them.



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