Ice Damming: Save your Home this Winter

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 by Andrew Thorson

Ice dams are exactly as they sound. When water from the top of your roof runs down and sits along the colder, lower portion of the roof, it creates a frozen dam. You may not know much about, or have even heard of ice dams, but they are a very prevalent issue among homes in the winter time. Ice damming can create a build up of excess water along the roof of your home, since the dam itself blocks the water from flowing further downward. As a result, this causes leaking into your home and can damage walls and ceilings, as well as shingles on the outside. Fortunately, DBS provides multiple solutions to any problems your home may be experiencing in regards to ice dam formation.

The best way to prevent ice dams and roof leaks is to properly air seal and insulate your home. Sealing any cracks or air ducts that act as attic entryways for hot air wil help keep your roof at a managebale temperature. Furthermore, insulating a space such as an attic that is close to your roof will help keep the warm furnace air from reaching the roof, as well as keep the unwanted outdoor air from coming in, which can save your home energy. We at DBS highly recommend you to reach out to us if there are any concerns about potential ice damming or roof leaks for your home! 

Melting snow & freezing water form ice dams

Photo: Dr. Energy Saver Solutions (2018)

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