Why you should encapsulate your DIRT CRAWLSPACE!

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 by Tori Sundberg

Crawl spaces with dirt floors are not something you want under your home, the only reason they build dirt crawl spaces is to save money. So either save now, or save later. The earth is wet, therefor all that water seeps up into your home through footings, walls, and cracks in poured walls. After it seeps in, it slowly rots the house inside out. We could never dry the earth or keep it from mold and wood destroying fungi. This is why we encapsulate crawl spaces by fixing your water leak if there is one, isolating the house from the earth, sealing vents to the outside, and then condition or dehumidify your crawl space air. Do you have a dirt crawl space? Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our specialist for a FREE written estimate to find your crawl space solution. 

Why you should encapsulate your DIRT CRAWLSPACE - Image 1

Why you should encapsulate your DIRT CRAWLSPACE - Image 2

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