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  • "If anyone asks me I will give them, you and your company my highest rating. A plus" Read Full Testimonial

    Mike D. of Drummond, WI

    Customer Testimonial

              Your guys did real well and everything looks good. I checked the temp down there when it was 4 degrees outside it was 60 degrees in the crawl space and the furnace room. And the temp upstairs. Was 70. So it’s all working out real well. Right now I don’t have the money for the rest of it. But I will let you know if I ever want the rest of it done. Thank you very much for everything and the timely manor in which it was done . If anyone asks me I will give them, you and your company my highest rating. A plus
    Mike D.
    Drummond, WI
  • "Our house feels warmer.." Read Full Testimonial

    Hal M. of Duluth, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              Our house feels warmer and the heat runs less often.
    Hal M.
    Duluth, MN
  • ""Your installers did a great job!"" Read Full Testimonial

    Michelle S. of Duluth, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              "Your installers did a great job! Prompt, efficient, and nice clean up afterward. I would reccomend you to others."
    Michelle S.
    Duluth, MN
  • "...there is a big noticeable difference." Read Full Testimonial

    Mary O. of Duluth, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              Thanks for the insulation work, there is a big noticeable difference.
    Mary O.
    Duluth, MN
  • "Very nice job!" Read Full Testimonial

    Georgann C. of Duluth , MN

    Customer Testimonial

              Did a very nice job, and very informative!
    Georgann C.
    Duluth , MN
  • "Swell Guys!" Read Full Testimonial

    Charlie R. of Duluth, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              The guys did a great job cleaning up! They sure are swell guys.
    Charlie R.
    Duluth, MN
  • "Professional Estimate!" Read Full Testimonial

    Joan S. of Duluth, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              He did a professional estimate, without high pressure!
    Joan S.
    Duluth, MN
  • "I was impressed!" Read Full Testimonial

    Carol K. of Duluth, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              Impressed that they came in and finished it all in one day! They did a great job!
    Carol K.
    Duluth, MN
  • "Thorough work!" Read Full Testimonial

    Becky S. of Eveleth, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              Thank you for your thorough work!
    Becky S.
    Eveleth, MN

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Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS serves Greater Duluth, Minnesota, and is dedicated to providing affordable solutions to customers looking to live in an energy efficient and comfortable home.

Our team of experts is composed of specialists with decades of experience in the energy industry and superior customer service.

We are your trusted resource for a whole house energy audit, and expert insulation and air sealing services to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

About the Owner

Owner Bonnie Sundberg

Bonnie Sundberg

Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS is owned by Bonnie Sundberg. Bonnie has been an active member of the construction industry for the past 29 years with a variety of experience within the energy field.

Bonnie also manages Supportworks Solutions. When she isn't hard at work, Bonnie enjoys gardening, fishing, traveling and spending time with her family!

Duluth’s Trusted Whole-Home Service Experts

The Sundberg’s passion for helping homeowners is an extension from their other businesses: Supportworks Solutions and Total Basement Finishing Solutions, where their teams work to correct failing foundations and transform unusable basements into beautiful, livable space.

With the recent addition of Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS, our diverse and experienced team can now offer complete home services from the basement to the attic, comfort to energy efficiency, and more!


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At Dr. Energy Saver Solutions, A Service of DBS we work with homeowners to promptly and effectively lower their energy usage and bills, while also improving their comfort. We begin with a home energy audit or a Free Estimate for our services. During our audit, we provide a master plan to improve a home's energy performance, reduce utility bills, and create a healthier, more comfortable home.

As a proud member of the nation’s fastest-growing network of energy experts, we have the advantage of professional training, industry research and access to the best tools and practices in the industry.

Contact us today to schedule your home energy audit and begin on your way to living in a more comfortable and efficient home.

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